Throughout the project, Allied Metals will engage in various coordination meetings with all Trade Contractors, Owners, Consultants, and Project Stakeholders, ensuring timetables, deliverables, and potential bottlenecks or concerns are promptly addressed and swiftly resolved, so the entire project effectively progresses to its eventual and Efficient Project Completion.


Allied Metals will:

Map out the entire project workflow — from start to finish — with Owners, Stakeholders, and various other Key Business Units

Manage the Communication and Deliverables Channels of the projects’ various teams, alongside their respective moving parts, timetables, and requirements.

Apply Best Practices in the pre-planning, anticipation, handling, and management of unforeseen hindrances prior to the project’s start


Your Kitchen System Design will become a reality. Allied Metals Inc. will ensure that, throughout the project, the entire Team is coordinated and on the same page — including Clients and Representatives, Project Managers, Consultants, Interior Designers, Architects, MEP Contractors, Stakeholders, Owners, and other key Business Units.

Coordination Meetings are part of the Overall Allied Metals TOTAL KITCHEN SYSTEM.

Big Names Who Have Benefitted Greatly From Allied Metals Total Kitchen COORDINATION MEETINGS

Below are but a few of the MANY Allied Metals Clients in various industries, who have, through the years, fully engaged in and greatly benefitted from TOTAL KITCHEN SYSTEMS (Design, Importation, Manufacturing, Installing, and Maintenance).

Jollibee Kitchens
by Allied Metals

Krispy Kreme Kitchen Systems
by Allied Metals

Starbucks Kitchen Systems
by Allied Metals