In coordination with Site Managers, Owners, Contractors and other Project Stakeholders, Allied Metals will provide Logistics Management, Delivery, Installation, and Full Commissioning of all Food Service Kitchen Equipment On-Site.


Allied Metals has:

✅ Internationally Trained Engineers, Supervisors, and Technicians with years of professional technical on-the-site experience, able to manage various scenarios, conditions, and challenges to ensure efficient delivery and installation of all equipment

✅ Strong Logistics Capacity to ensure Internationally sourced and Manufactured Kitchen Equipment are delivered and efficiently installed on-site

✅ Technical Expertise to Install and Test Quality-Assurance prior to commissioning and handing over to end-users and authorized client representatives

✅ Full Training, Commissioning, and Turn-Over of the entire Total Kitchen System to the Project Staff, Management, and Stakeholders


Allied metals has the broad logistics capacity to deliver and install all Imported and Manufactured Food Service Equipment on-site. Our Internationally Trained Engineers and Technicians have years of professional and technical experience, and are well-versed with various scenarios and conditions on-the-site, enabling them to ensure logistics, installation, testing, and quality assurance checks are thorough, methodical, in-depth and all-inclusive.

Click/Tap any of the images below to see a larger photo of our installed Total Kitchen and Food Service Systems.

Installation and Commissioning is part of the Overall Allied Metals TOTAL KITCHEN SYSTEM.

Big Names Who Have Benefitted Greatly From Allied Metals Total Kitchen INSTALLATION AND COMMISSIONING

Below are but a few of the MANY Allied Metals Clients in various industries, who have, through the years, fully engaged in and greatly benefitted from TOTAL KITCHEN SYSTEMS (Design, Importation, Manufacturing, Installing, and Maintenance).

Sariwon Kitchen System
by Allied Metals

Buddha Bar
by Allied Metals

Albergus Catering
by Allied Metals